Replacing Missing Teeth

Sometimes tooth loss is inevitable but thankfully we have options to optimally replace a tooth to restore function and appearance.

We are here to help you explore your options in the event of replacing a missing tooth so as to restore your smile or restore your chewing function, or both. Whatever your expectation may be we are here to help you.

  • We provide removable dentures to meet your dental needs in replacing teeth. We can make dentures using different materials to suit you and restore the confidence in your smile. We provide flexible Valplast & Solvay dentures, or metal and acrylic dentures.
  • Are a non-removable option to replace tooth loss and we offer several options to suit your dental need.
  • Although we personally don’t place implants, we can assess your need and option of an implant for you; and with your consent, we can organise a referral for you to a trusted and experienced clinician.
We offer a wide range of treatments to all our patients
We offer a wide range of treatments to all our patients